Nomination Best outstanding Actress at Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival 2013 in 'The Naked Leading The Blind ' directed by Wim Vanacker. The Top 20 Female Performances, 2008, for the film "Tell no one" by Guillaume Canet.
"Best Supporting Actress" at the American International Film Festival (ART movies), 2012, for "The Naked Leading The Blind" directed by Wim Vanacker.


Mika'Ela has worked for years in the fashion world; She gains recognition as an actress for her interpretation in the movie "Tell No One" directed by Guillaume Canet. She starts her acting career with this part, after having trained with Jack Waltzer (Actors Studio). She is acclaimed by the critics, especially in the American media (Boston Herald, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Dallas Voice, Good Times among others) for impersonating Zak, a ruthless killer. Mika'ela Fisher is recognized for her talents as a versatile actress who shows passion for horse riding, fencing and rowing.


From Fashion to cinema




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Master Tailor

Mika'Ela Fisher has worked for the leading Haute Couture house Max Dietl in Munich, having obtained her master's degree as a bespoke tailor. She showcased her work at the world master tailors' convention in Paris (Congrès Mondial des Maitres Tailleurs) and was nominated with her creations for France.Collaboration with the Opera National Munich, the Opera Garnier Paris, la Comedie Francaise.Her mastery of tools of her craft, as well as her incomparable technical sense has made her one of the most sought-after names, enjoying the untinted admiration of women and men.
Every unique creation is designed, cut, assembled and fitted until the perfect garment has been created in complete osmosis with the person destined to wear it.

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Artist Model

She poses as a model for the French painters Patrick Boussignac and Hubert de Lartigue.
She also works as a model for Fashion houses like Martin Margiela, Hermes, John Galliano, Gilles
Rosier, Undercover, Eley Kishimoto, Naco-Paris and she is photographed by artists Yutaka Yamamoto,
Olivier Roller, Roy Stuart, Andreas Licht, Philippe Deutsch...



Director / Producer

Face 3

Three films by Mika'Ela Fisher Theatrical release : December 16th 2015



Valiant Hands in the Chaos of Time is a biographical short film for which she is both director, producer and costume designer.
This film was nominated in the categories 'best director' and 'best soundtrack' at the Maverick Movie Awards of 2013; and won The 'Silver Chris' Award ( Best of Art ) at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival of 2014.
In 2015 'Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit' received the Award of Merit at the Accolade Global Film Competition and was honored with two awards (Best Costume design, Experimental Film) at the IndieFest Film Awards.



Victory's Short has been nominated at Milan International Film Festival Awards MIFF 2015 and is now running for the Award: Best Short Film, International Category. The Winner will be selected by Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society in October.



Fantasy / Drame / Mystery
Männin has won the Award of Merit at the Accolade Global Film Competition of 2015 in the category Women film directors, and was
nominated as Best Short Fim Avant-garde at the American Psychological Association APA Film Festival of 2015.


L'architecte textile

Documenting the intimate in sartorial art:
sketch, pattern, fabric, shaping, assembly, fitting, finalization - hundreds of (wo)man-hours, a story.a film...
and an allegory.
Written and directed by Mika'Ela Fisher
Theatrical release 27 september 2017 (France)
German Premiere 19 January 2018
US Premiere 30 Avril 2018 Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival
Poland Premiere 13 July 2018 ON ART AWARD (First place - Long independent) On Art Film Festival
Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea (Florence Biennale) 2019



A very short film referencing the art sartorial, which was produced for the Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles Downtown. It will appear while clients ascend to the reception desk on the seventieth floor, very close to the sky.
Written and directed by Mika'Ela Fisher
US Premiere 31 July 2018
Italy Premiere 20 September 2018 Official Selection Vertical Movie Festival



Mystery / Fantasy
Written and directed by Mika'Ela Fisher
Official Selection HOFER FILMTAGE
Premiere 29 October 2021



She discovered the importance of sound and voice. She tells stories impregnated with poetry, alone or accompanied by music. A soft voice, melancholic, but powerful - a game between vulnerability and strength.

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